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Streamline the checkout process by allowing customers to
purchase directly from a checkout page.
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Sales pages
Design checkout pages in minutes
Our no-code checkout page helps you design and publish delightful pages where shoppers can by in 1-click.
Customize the sales page with your unique brand style

Feature a best seller or a bundle of products and incentivize shoppers with unique pricing strategies. Duplicate the page and test out other strategies to easily find out what works best for your audience.
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Track your checkout pages key metrics

Monitor 100+ checkout page metrics like bounce rates, add to carts, number of sessions, conversion submissions with a detailed analytics dashboard.
True 1:1 Personalization with Liquid

Imagine a shopping experience that’s unique for every single customer.  It greets them by name, only shows products they’re interested in, and personalizes content based on their loyalty level. Basically, they get treated like royalty (but without the crown--although that can probably be arranged).

liquid personnalization
Code free. Fully integrated.

Our solution plugs into your e-commerce platform and connects to your payment gateway. Add your marketing tools trackers and you’ll make the most out of the traffic on the page.
One-click checkout across the network

One-Click Checkout with Acquire: a shopper in our network will visit your site (like your return customers do) and be ready to checkout. Because we’ve narrowed the gap between browsing and buying, they’ll convert at higher rates!
Add Pre / Post Purchase Offers

Create pre and/or post-purchase funnels triggered by what your customers buy on the checkout.

Customize beautifully designed templates to make each offer irresistible.

Track the results of every funnel and offer to understand the impact on your AOV and revenue.


Create checkout pages with a robust library of elements

Go beyond basic building blocks with drag-and-drop page elements like advanced forms, sliders, accordions, countdown timers, and even a custom code element.
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Differentiate Your Brand, Without Tradeoffs
Create and edit an unlimited number of pages using our no-code visual builder.
Countdown Timer

- 2 Timer Modes for One-Time-Only & Evergreen
- Tracks Unique Visitors (Even in Incognito)
- Redirects Latecomers to Page of Your Choosing, Hides Pages from Search

Acquire integrates with your current ecommerce services and is supported by our ever-growing network of technology partners.


Built-in fraud management with 16,000 checkpoints

Our checkout uses a world-class fraud solution that tracks thousands of data points to protect loyal customers and prevent fraud.

pre registration
Lightning fast checkout to turn shoppers into buyers

2x faster than you Shopify Page

- Enhance the mobile browsing experience with
lightning-fast AMP landing pages
- Deliver 3x faster-loading landing pages with
our server side rendering Engine
- Improve Quality Scores, increase conversions,
and decrease CPA with responsive pages
Limitless Design Potential

Stand out without slowing down. Build checkout pages that elevates your brand with animations, videos, and unique interactions—all while keeping page loads fast.

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landing page
Discounts without frictions

You can offer your customers a fixed value, percentage, or shipping discount on products, collections, or variants. If you sell online, then you can offer buy X get Y discounts to encourage customers to buy items.

50+ options

Customization with sub-domain, logo, url handle and more
Live event checkout solution with exclusive access
Maximum order per shoppers
Multi-currency management
QR code to checkout link

QR Code

Paying in person is as easy as scanning a QR code at checkout—and it’s touch free. You don’t have to handle cards or cash, simply use our app.
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super73super 73
Within 3 hours, all the inventory was sold on Acquire App, setting a record of the quickest six-figure sales!
— The team expected to release a limited edition collab with Hot Wheels  and they wanted to ensure that customers would only buy 1 product. 
On an email marketing A/B test, we outperformed the control group’s conversion rate by 50% 
— The team wanted to leverage email campaigns to feature new products and upsell 
wester welderwestern welder
$’000s of revenue in couple hours — 8% conversion rate — 43% returning buyers benefited from pre-auth. (1-click checkout)
— Overstock on specific product variant , limiting 1 order per customer
vital sleepvital sleep
Abandoned Cart campaign conversion rate increased by ~26% 75% checkout conversion rate with returned Acquire App customer
— Improve abandoned cart conversion rate
Scored 4% conversion conversion rate — 56% checkout conversion rate for returned Acquire shoppers
 Enable flexible bundle pricing and discount tier for specific products
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